When the kids go away,
the teachers stay...
and talk

Join us at Recess with the folks on the front line, in schools with our children. 

The classroom teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, deans, coaches, enrichment teachers, CBO partners, para's, aids, OT's, PT's, ST's, newtork leaders, and even the sub's, that are doing the real work, day in and day out to educate and support kids. Telling their own stories of what led them to do the work they do, struggling to bring their best to some of our countries most challenging schools, neighborhoods, and cities….in the face of unimaginable challenges. 

Think you know all about urban education…Right?

The policies, unions, common core, achievement gaps, tests, evaluations, a lack of funding, charter schools, new technologies, horrible food, lack of diversity, mayoral control, text books, supplies, lack of arts, and all the things covered by the media. 

Now learn the truth!